Verona Lewis

"Ellis Physical Therapy 'does a body good.' Since attending, EPT I have been challenged to do more with my body than any other physical therapy I have been a patient with.  The staff goes far and beyond what one would expect.  The professionalism, the knowledge, and the genuine care they give you is what makes you want to do more.  After my ordered sessions, I have continued to participate on my own. I have been with them over a year now and can't praise them enough for everything they have done to get my body back in shape.  All of the staff are wonderful people who not only care about your body but also your emotional and mental state." 

Christel Lamb

"In Nov 2017, I started therapy at Ellis Physical Therapy on Garners Ferry Rd for a very painful bursitis in my right hip.  I was assigned to a therapist whose skills and expertise in her field are exemplary and after 2 1/2 months I was pain free.  I was so improved that I signed up for the Wellness program.  The entire staff is welcoming and professional and is showing excellent customer service.  It is a place where you feel welcome and taken care of."

Jan Bilton

"I love exercising at Ellis Physical Therapy. The staff is always friendly, professional, and supportive. I can feel confident that I am benefiting from an exercise program but also know that I am confident that I will not be pushed to do exercises that might result in injury.  I highly recommend Ellis Physical Therapy for all of your physical therapy needs!"

Carole Cato

I have been a client with Ellis for 13 years and am currently enrolled in the Wellness Training. I chose Ellis for:                                   

  • Less crowded, clean, well maintained facilities and equipment;

  • Friendly, professional, knowledgable and patient staff;

  • Very personal attention with exercises designed especially for me to achieve my goals;

  • Reasonable cost

Paula Shirley

“I’ve been going to Ellis PT for a long time, both as a physical therapy patient and as a member of their Health & Wellness Program. They’re amazing professionals who are committed to doing the best for their patients. Besides that, they’re funny, generous and sweet. Whenever I miss several days, I miss THEM. They feel like good friends.”