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Ellis Physical Therapy Associates, Inc. is a very strong believer in supporting the community and doing our best to provide as much assistance to our clients and patients as we can. Below are listed several other companies around Columbia, SC that we believe also share these values and can offer services and products to better your life. We have collaborated with these companies in a variety of ways to suit the populations we serve. These are not all health and wellness companies because we want to benefit you in every way possible. Feel free to browse the descriptions and their associated webpages.

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Jamie Scott Fitness

This is a great local gym that is so much more than what you would expect. JSF offers personal training, over 60 group classes a week, and offers great recovery technologies and techniques to help you rejuvenate before your next class. The facility is well equipped for all types of exercise and recovery as well as very inviting and energizing to put you in the right mindset to get your workout done. Also JSF has a separate SWEAT cycling studio and class packages available. (see separate box of info below) Their staff is probably their best asset. They are all well qualified, personable, and great at motivating each individual- even in a group class.

If you want a fun atmosphere where you can grow and be a part of their growth, this is the place for you! To find out more, click on the links provided.


This is an spin studio that exceeds all expectations. SWEAT offers multiple classes including different intensities, different themes, and times to accomodate everyone from a novice to an expert. The studio is specialized in the requirements for cycling shoes and provides rental pairs if needed! Their website is full of information for everyone who is trying spin for the first time or just trying a different class type. Every instructor is enthusiastic, entertaining, and motivating to ensure you never want to stop pedalling. Since they are connected with JSF, you can be sure to get a quality workout every time.

When you're ready to sweat it out with SWEAT, check out the webpage or stop by to sign up for a class!

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Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is a local yoga studio that fits in great in the "Famously Hot" city of Columbia. They are unique because their studio is designed to improve the body with heat; quite literally. All their various yoga classes are hosted in 105 degree temperatures and with 40% humidity following the traditional Bikram characteristics. There are a variety of class types including 90 minutes, 75 minutes, 60 minutes and Inferno Hot Pilates throughout the week consisting of the 26 postures. You can fit any of these classes into your busy schedule and ensure a great whole body workout.

They also offer another unique option called Torched Barre. See their description below for more information!

Torched Barre

As if Columbia, SC was not hot enough, Torched Barre raises the temperature even higher, 95 degrees to be specific. Bikram Yoga offers a great alternative to traditional barre with this class. You are not only getting a great strengthening workout but also cardiovascular challenge due to the heat to burn even more fat and calories for a productive workout. The idea is to shape and tone your body with high repetition and low impact.

Check out their pages below for more information and to sign up for your next class!

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Strictly Running

Need new running shoes? New walking shoes? What about running shorts, socks, and tops? This place has it all! They are fully stocked with all the best gear and incredibly knowledgable. Most importantly, if your PT tells you a specific type of shoe you need, their staff will understand and will likely have several options to meet your needs. Also, they host a running program, the occasional yoga and nutrition courses, and really help you become a better, well rounded athlete. Finally, they are a Columbia based company that sponsors multiple community organizations and events throughout the year. Be sure to check out their pages below to see what the next event is!